Design Build
Use our in-house design-build services to bring clarity to your vision and greater impact to your project from initial concept through to building completion.

With our in house design build services, we will work to understand your project requirements and costs. We are able to provide everything from conceptual drawings and estimates to the final turnkey, allowing you to simply walk into a completed building in the end.

Already have your drawings and permits in hand, but need support in managing the construction for minimal chaos? Our general contracting services could be exactly what you need.

Azimuth Builders will work with you from the very being to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from start to finish. We can work as the consultant (Agency CM) or as the consultant and also the general contractor. (At-Risk CM)

Discover how Integrated Project Delivery can provide the best design, reduce waste and maximize efficiency for construction projects with multiple players and moving parts.

Azimuth builders has the ability to save time and costs by bringing all primary players to the table at the beginning of the project, from architects and engineers to project coordinators, supervisors and major subtrades. Providing the best design, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency.

Love the building you're in, but it needs a few repairs, or even a whole new look? Transform your building or industrial space into a modern space for your future with our renovation services.

If your building needs repairs or a whole new look we can handle the permits, drawings and services to fix up or transform your building into a modern design.


Work with a partner who can support the planning, design and construction of your project from start to finish with a well-defined process for much lower stress.