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Design Build Services

What is Design Build? It is a method of construction in which the Client (you) works with the General Contractor (us) from vision to completion. From your first idea through to the keys being handed over, Azimuth Builders can construct any idea into a modular project, and then complete the project. 

Our Design Build method focuses on bringing efficiency, safety, and a streamlined, technologically-supported build process to the commercial construction sector. Our Design Build is a construction process where the design and building aspects are managed by one Project Point of Contact. This Project Point of Contact reduces communications delays and works to reduce delivery timelines because of the overlapping of the design phase and construction phase of your project.

Design Build:

  • Increases accountability and project buy-in of key stakeholders

  • From conceptual drawings and rough estimates to the final building and definitive turnover

  • Allows you to easily connect your design to the future of your business

  • Focuses on working with your ideas and vision, while remaining flexible, and

  • Offers faster response

  • Comprehensive construction budgets

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