What is Integrated Project Delivery & Its Benefits?
What is Integrated Project Delivery & Its Benefits?
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) follows a team-based approach with the goal of aligning the goals and interests of all the stakeholders. The concept is transforming the construction industry as it brings everyone together to work in a collaborative environment. The benefits include improved results and eliminating all misinformation and misunderstandings.

Embracing IPD

IPD is receiving more and more adoption, as it reduces the risks involved in a conventional model. It brings together the owner, contractor, architect, subcontractors, and project managers, all working together during the design and construction stages. This helps everyone to make their important contribution in the form of skills and knowledge.

Benefits of Using IPD

Some of the main benefits of embracing Integrated Project Delivery systems are as follows:
    Improved Collaboration IPD has all the stakeholders treated as a single legal entity. The result is increased transparency and interests, which further results in improved collaboration. There is free sharing of documents between the teams. Enhanced teamwork from the very beginning means that both IPD and BIM are use together.
      More Transparency As already mentioned above, there is more transparency between the stakeholders. Everyone meets more often and share their thoughts. Everyone stays up-to-date with the project’s progress. This further helps avoid unexpected delays or surprises.
        Goals Get Aligned A construction project is a high-stakes project where every stakeholder is going to have their own goals. And it is important that their goals are considered during the planning phase. The Integrated Project Delivery model can help align everyone's goals.
        • Owners want to keep the costs within budget and have the project completed on schedule
        • Architects can aim to be as creative as they can
        • Contractors always want to deliver the project within the fixed schedule and budget
        IPD gets everyone working together, resulting in aligning their goals or objectives from the beginning. Eventually, everyone’s interests and goals get aligned with the owner’s goals. This means that there are higher chances that the project will get completed on time and within budget. IPD requires more involvement from the owner. This also means that you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest changes.
          Shared Liability Integrated Project Delivery requires all team members to share responsibility for the project. Conventional models can lay most of the responsibilities on the contractors/subcontractors. This is because there is a contract between the IPD core team resulting in the creation of a joint venture. This results in all the responsibilities, risks, and liabilities to lie equally among all the members of the core team. This also means that there is higher level of owner involvement during the pre-construction and construction process.
            Saves Time Another advantage of choosing the Integrated Project Delivery approach is that it can speed up your project’s progress. One way it helps achieve this is by improving communication between all the stakeholders. This helps get each task get completed the right way the first time. You will be able to avoid reworks, thus further saving more time over conventional methods. IPD can help you save valuable time and reduce costs while aligning everyone’s goals. It prevents all the different aspects of the project from staying isolated. A successful construction project requires innovation, coordination, and collaboration. The absence of the right approach can complicate the project when different stakeholders are involved. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, it also helps achieve higher level of accuracy in planning and implementation, helps reduce waste, and improves productivity. So when it comes to having your project completed in a cost-effective manner while achieving your goals, it is important to choose a company that follows an integrated approach.