Strategies For Promotion And Advertising In Construction Industry
Strategies For Promotion And Advertising In Construction Industry
With tough competition prevalent even in the construction industry, it becomes necessary for businesses to adopt good strategies for advertising their skills and expertise. It is only when they are able to promote themselves properly will they be able to win projects that they bid on. But in order to ensure that the promotional strategies adopted are actually effective, it is necessary to: Identify the right clients for the concerned business and Ensure that the key message advertised stands out and targets the correct market niche.
  • Identify the right clients for the concerned business and
  • Ensure that the key message advertised stands out and targets the correct market niche.
  • Referrals: Word of the mouth is by far the best marketing strategy any company can adopt. Referrals from happy customers and satisfied clients certainly go a long way in winning projects and bids. In order to be able to take advantage of this strategy a business firm needs to have a good reputation which reflects in the type of work done. It is not the quantity of work done which matters but the quality which makes for great referrals. Other ways to gain referrals include:
    • Ask for referrals from clients, friends and acquaintances,
    • Join relevant networking groups so as to exchange referrals,
    • Participate in construction association meetings and
    • Pick up projects which other contractors do not want to or can’t handle.
  • Internet: Using the internet to advertise on social media enables a construction company to reach a huge customer base. Additionally having an updated and upgraded website showcasing all specifics on the construction work done including photos, videos, blogs etc., ensures good web traffic to the website. Putting up niche qualifications on the website also enables a company to stand out. Putting up interesting and eye-catchy blogs, posts and articles with correct use of relevant keywords also enables the company to improve its ratings on the search engine results, gain a good amount of web traffic and also ensure the conversion of potential clients to confirmed customers.
  • Signage: One of the most popular and evergreen methods of promoting a business is to put up signages at strategic locations. For example, the moment a company wins the bid for construction at a particular site; it should put up a signage with the company logo and name prominently displayed. Fences erected around the property also make good props for posting signages. In fact even the company vehicle should carry the company name and logo along with the contact details and areas of expertise. An interesting tagline displayed on signages always works in favour of the company advertising its wares since it tends to remain in the minds of the people for a longer time.
  • Publicity: Local magazines and newspapers too help to increase the reach of a construction company especially in areas situated near the location of the construction business office. Writing articles, informational tips, press releases etc., too help to bring a company to focus. Additionally the radio and television also can be used to talk about features and materials unique to the company thereby making it stand out. Of course the advertisements put up on television has to be rich in content and visually appealing while that put up on radios needs to catch the attention of the listeners with taglines and impactful words.
The fundamental ideology is to make more and more people take notice of the work being done by the construction company. Advertisements and other promotional strategies ensure this possibility and also enable a company to stand up to competition thereby bringing about an increase both in the volume of business done as well as the volume of profits earned.