Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) is awarded to companies who have developed and implemented health & safety programs for their employees according to the provincial standards. COR certifies that the company’s health and safety measures have been evaluated by a licenced auditor and meet the requirements of provincial health and safety standards. These certificates are issued by Alberta Labour and with Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) as co-signatory.
      SECOR program has proven to be an effective way to encourage small employers to improve their health and safety measures and create an office culture where employee health and safety are given due importance, and take conscious steps to reduce risks associated with workplace accidents.
        With a certified health and safety management system, employers can identify and evaluate workplace risks and then take appropriate measures to protect their employees.  This ongoing process enables companies to achieve a workplace culture which complies with occupational health and safety (OH&S) guidelines.
          To qualify for Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR), your business cannot have more than 10 employees. This number includes all staff members including owners, managers, administrative or clerical staff, temporary staff, part-time workers, volunteers, and family members. Another condition to qualify for SECOR is that your business has to be a member of ACSA.


            • By achieving COR/SECOR, companies demonstrate that they have developed and implemented efficient health and safety management system which is evaluated annually through comprehensive external and internal audits. These audits include interviews, review of documents, and observation techniques to assess who well the company is able to identify, evaluate, and control health and safety risks to workers.
            • The criteria of audit used by Certificate of Recognition (COR) are recognized by all the industries in Canada. A company holding COR will be a part of the nationwide network that will participate in the promotion of health and safety excellence in the country.
            • In a situation where your company has to demonstrate that it has a proactive health and safety management system, Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) is an asset. Providing a proof right away that your company has an effective health and safety management system for its employees will give your business an edge over competitors, possibly giving you the advantage to qualify ahead of them for certain projects.
            • Safeguarding health and safety of all the employees at all times is company’s responsibility. By developing and maintaining an effective health and safety management system, companies can successfully eliminate or at least reduce workplace injuries and other accidents.
            • A company’s corporate image and reputation in the industry and community is enhanced by achieving COR/SECOR.
            • Company’s commitment to a safe and secure workplace culture will attract more workers and boost their morale.


                Azimuth builders’ strong commitment to safety in addition to its dedication to quality construction has lead it to secure SECOR health and safety certification. The company has not only excelled in its business practices but has also stood out in terms of transparent and safe workplace culture for its employees. Due to continuous efforts and hard work, Gary Bizek, the President of Azimuth Builders has successfully secured his SECOR health and safety certification. The requirements to achieve this credential are quite extensive among which some major ones are:
                • A standing membership of ACSA.
                • Completion of several certification courses like first aid training and other industry-specific safety training classes.
                • Development, implementation, and maintenance of an effective health and safety management system.
                • At least 3 months’ worth of health and safety documentation.
                  Safety is an ongoing process which is evolving with time, and we at Azimuth are committed to achieve the new, higher standards it will set in the time to come.