How to Plan your Commercial Renovation Projects?
How to Plan your Commercial Renovation Projects?
There is a lot of difference between a commercial and residential renovation projects. If you are planning a renovation of your commercial building, there are some key points to keep in mind.

Features that Can be Saved When you renovate a commercial building, you would want to determine what features you should be saving. Prioritize all the features and systems that need an update. Each feature will be of value to you in the future and a cost. Keep these value propositions in mind when prioritizing them.

When it comes to lighting, system controls, and mechanical units, it is recommended of consider the Energy Star rating. It will be best to ensure that the energy consumption of the building is less than that for buildings of the same size and type. It also tells the potential tenants or occupants that they will have lower utility bills.

Reflecting Your Brand This is an often ignored point in commercial renovation projects. The entire space should reflect what your business stands for.  So if you have a law firm, the space should have a design that conveys stability and poise. Similarly the design of a family-focused restaurant will be different from that for an eating place that focuses on business people.

Whether you have an office, an industrial building, or retail space, make sure it maintains consistency with your brand or business offering. Many times business owners ignore this aspect because they work with contractors who don't prioritize this factor.  Consider the following points during the design phase:
  • What does your business stand for?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • How should your customers or clients feel about your business?
So when it comes to commercial building renovation, the design process should not only improve function, it should also contribute to your business’ growth.

Consider Adding New Features When renovating, you should also consider adding new features that add to your building’s strength and enhance its looks and functionality. Adding a water feature is one such option. You can think of adding fountains or ponds, adding more charm to the space. Give your customers and employees more reasons to spend time in your building. You may also consider adding some elegant flooring options.

Treat it Like a Business Deal It is great to select all the colors and materials when remodeling your home. You have lots of freedom as to what design elements you can add. The same principle doesn't apply to a commercial remodeling project. Commercial renovation should be treated just like a business deal. It is part of your business and everything you do should make financial sense. You do have lots of flexibility with regard to the aesthetics, but there should be some balance with financial feasibility.

So keep all these points in mind when planning a commercial renovation. You should set the perfect balance between functionality, budget and aesthetics and ensure that the brand appeal never gets lost in the process.