How Prefabricated Building Construction Systems are Revolutionizing the Industry?

How Prefabricated Building Construction Systems are Revolutionizing the Industry?

Prefabricated building construction systems are being used increasingly in all types of construction projects due to the numerous advantages they offer. It is being used more and more with mechanization and standardization, offering a series of advantages over other traditional methods. The trend has been seen worldwide and Canada has also caught up fast with it. The speed at which the construction industry in Calgary has caught up with it, makes up for the delays that may have been there in embracing this new advancement in construction technology.

There have been a number of other new advances in recent years including intelligent management systems and computer-aided, visual modeling processes. The increased use of prefabricated systems also contributes to sustainable construction, as it makes use of cleaner resources. It also helps in saving resources during production. Some of the other advantages of using prefabricated building construction systems are as following:

1. More Savings Financial savings is one of the biggest reasons for choosing prefabricated construction systems. It may usually seem that the concept of using custom-made pieces is going to be expensive, but this technology has come miles and offers solutions for projects of all budgets and sizes. One reason for this is that prefabrication manufacturers usually get discounts on bulk orders from materials suppliers. This cost-reduction thus translates to the end user.

Another advantage of using these systems is that they eliminate the possibilities of inefficiencies and less productive contracting services. You can achieve more productivity compared to traditional construction methods and boost savings.

2. Save Time Usually, prefabricated building systems take almost 50% of the time required for traditional systems to complete a project. There are many reasons contributing to this advantage, including:
  • Improved initial planning
  • Work site weather conditions don’t affect productivity
  • Fabrication is quicker because different pieces can be constructed at the same time
  • Contractor scheduling delays have lesser impact
Because the construction times becomes shorter, the contractors are able to complete multiple projects much more quickly. This further benefits clients too.

3. More Safety When prefabricated systems are used, they help alleviate a wide range of safety hazards at the construction site. There are lesser needs for the workers to work at heights or in confined spaces. Besides, the lesser amount of time required for the project also reduces the duration for which they are exposed to potential hazards and the elements.

4. Reduction in Site Disruption Another advantage of using prefabricated building systems is that they help in reducing the need for material and equipment suppliers at the job site. This helps in reducing site disruption in the form of noise, traffic, and waste among other factors. These new systems help create a more efficient environment, boosting productivity and enhancing safety for everyone involved and the general public.

The use of prefabricated systems also helps in reducing environmental impact. It is benefiting both the commercial and residential sectors and an increasing number of contractors are embracing these new construction systems.