Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Commercial Construction Remodelling
Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Commercial Construction Remodelling
There several reasons for people opting to spend their money on remodelling. A change of aesthetics, need for more work space, efficient organisation of their office space etc.; are a few reasons that generally prompt commercial constructions to opt for remodelling. Thus there is a huge market for the same with hotels, retailers, theme parks etc., opting to get a fresh new look every once in a while so as to attract new customers and businesses. However, even though remodelling is generally less costly than a new construction, there are certain pitfalls which can make it almost as expensive as a new construction. Hence , in order to ensure the success of a commercial remodelling project, these pitfalls should be avoided at all cost.


Planning out the budget is the most important part of any commercial remodelling project. while it is virtually impossible to plan an accurate budget, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough of a cushion so as to take into account any unforeseen expenses that might come ones way. Absence of proper planning of the budget can result in funds getting over before the remodelling is completed thereby resulting in disastrous consequences wherein:
  • The establishment would have to arrange for additional finance either on loan or otherwise and this would add up to the expense of the project oro
  • The remodelling work would have to be put on temporary hold till such time as funds are arranged.
In both instances it spells doom for the commercial establishment concerned. Hence in order to avoid under-estimation for remodelling of commercial construction, a contingency fund needs to be taken into consideration along with the labour, material and construction costs, permitting fees etc.


Timelines scheduled for the completion of the remodelling project should be practical and not over ambitious. It never pays to force the contractor to come up with strict time schedules thereby allowing no space for exigencies and emergencies. This can again turn the project into a nightmare and result in ship-shoddy work resulting in a total waste of money. Thus the time period for the completion of the project needs to be done by taking into account the scope of the work and the general contractor should never be pressurised to complete the work within a short span of time. This tends to make the general contractor cut-corners which would only harm the project eventually.


Remodelling has a tendency of revealing building issues unexpectedly. In fact the older the commercial establishment, the more is the possibility of these issues cropping up. Thus things like illegal wiring, molds and termite issues, plumbing problems etc., tend to commonly plague a remodelling project. Thus it is important for the general contractor hired to have ample experience in commercial construction remodelling so that these issues can be anticipated and the planning of the project done in a way that it is capable of handling any sticky situations that crop up.


It never pays to hand over the remodelling to a general contractor and then forget about it. Each project needs the supervision of the owners on a regular basis so that the owner is up to date with the progress of the worksite. This ensures that the commercial construction remodelling:
  • Maintains the time schedule as planned,
  • Is able to properly translate the design and the vision into reality,
  • Does not have a general contractor who cuts corners to gain profit and
  • Project materials bought are not being wasted.


A contractor with little or no experience should never be hired especially when the remodelling done is for a commercial establishment. These tend to be quite large by way of volume and thus is no place for a novice to gain experience because:
  • There are tight schedules to be maintained both in times of time and money and
  • The resultant output also needs to be fantastic and unique so that there is an eventual rise in the business.
The ability of a general contractor to translate a vision into reality without making costly mistakes ensures the true success of a project and hence it becomes very important to hire experienced contractors only for the initiation and completion of a commercial construction remodelling. Avoiding these pitfalls, ensures smooth sailing and an output which is absolutely in sync with what has been initially planned thereby making the project a grand success.