6 Reasons for Considering Metal & Architectural Panels for Construction
6 Reasons for Considering Metal & Architectural Panels for Construction
There is increasing application of metal and architectural panels in the construction industry for the different benefits of these building systems.  These panels can be installed vertically and horizontally and offer lots of design flexibility. You can use these systems in new construction projects or for retrofitting existing buildings. There are many advantages of using these modern systems for your commercial construction projects.

Here are 6 reasons why you should also consider metal and architectural panels for construction. 1. Cost-Savings These panels can provide big cost-savings over conventional concrete or masonry options in terms of both material and labor costs. The lower maintenance needs and high durability can further help increase savings in the long term. Even when used for interior projects, the initial higher costs can be offset in the long term.

2. Highly Durable These architectural panels are highly durable for both exterior and interior applications. They are often used as roof decks, trim decks and wall cladding for external applications and can last for decades without getting damaged by rain, snow or harsh weather conditions. Even when used for interior purposes, these panels can offer higher durability compared to drywall, wood and different types of composites. They can last much longer without the need for as much maintenance.

3. Highly Versatile You can use metal and architectural panels for interior and exterior applications.
  • Exterior: Use them in place of masonry/concrete walls. Use the panels to cover the entire exterior or just specific areas. Metal panels can also be used for building highly durable roof deck.
  • Interior: You can also use architectural panels in place of drywall and wood to create durable and elegant walls and ceilings. Choose from a wide range of finishes to create elegant designs.
4. Lightweight The metal panels can be much lighter compared to concrete or masonry based wall cladding. Because the load requirements are reduced, construction costs can come down. This can also reduce the need for complex structural components.

5. Easy to Install Another reason for choosing metal architectural panels is that they are easy to install. Conventional construction methods involving concrete, block, bricks and other masonry products are highly labor intensive and time-consuming. These panels, on the other hand, are available in lightweight, large components that allow you to cover larger area of construction in a shorter span of time. The fastening methods further speed up the construction process.

6. Style & Finish Flexibility Metal architectural panels offer a lot of flexibility in terms of designs, styles and finishes. The different options can include:
  • Choose from flat panels or panels with ridges
  • Choose textured or smooth panels
  • Panels are available with painted, clear coating, metal or colored finishes
  • Choose from different shapes to addresses your specific needs
You can also find environment-friendly architectural panels that contain recycled components. Thus, these building systems can also address sustainability concerns. So if you want to have a more efficient construction process, you should consider dealing with contractors who also deal in metal and architectural panels.