5 Stages of Construction for Any Project Type – Our Guide

5 Stages of Construction for Any Project Type – Our Guide

Construction projects often vary based on the size, budget, and delivery date. Regardless of these factors, the construction is typically a long and demanding process. This project usually has several stages that have steps and procedures to be followed to reach a successful outcome. Fortunately, the advancements in modern technology have brought in digital solutions that make each stage management easier and more precise.

In this article, we will share the five stages of construction to follow, regardless of the size and type of the project:

1. Design

Nothing is yet guaranteed at this initial stage, but this is where the bidding process will start. The design will be led by either an architect or an engineer, who will ensure that each state’s regulations and codes are met.

Typically, there are four steps in the design stage—programming and feasibility, schematic design, design development, and contract documents. When it reaches the contract document part, this is where everything is finalized before proceeding to the next stage.

2. Pre-Construction

At this point, the project team is already formed and will prepare the site before the work begins. They will work closely with the contractor and will perform a complete site examination. This stage identifies any environmental challenges that may come up during construction as well as soil testing. When all the data is collected, the city authorities will review it, which is why this can sometimes be a long process.

3. Procurement

During this stage, the project team will start to gather materials, equipment, and workforce that are needed for a successful project. Big companies typically have procurement departments while this process may vary in smaller projects.

4. Construction

Before the actual work begins, there will be a pre-construction meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page. Once the session is done, everybody can proceed with the project. However, don’t expect everything to go smoothly because there may be hiccups along the way that you will need to deal with.

5. Post-Construction

When all the work is done, there are still some steps to be accomplished. For one, the whole building will be inspected thoroughly before the owner can take over the property, and this is when the warranty period takes into effect. Then, the closure will take place in which the team will ensure that the project is free from any type of legal burden.


No matter how big or small the construction project is, it will always involve a chain of tasks, decisions, and equipment. These are the core steps that have to be followed regardless of the project type. This is also why you must hire a construction company that can take you through each stage as smoothly as possible.

As mentioned, it rarely happens that the project will go without a hitch, but an excellent company can make the process easier for you. Moreover, a reliable provider can guarantee that all stages will be developed and completed within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Keep in mind that many people will be involved in the project, and there is behind-the-scenes work that must take place before it is completed. Make sure you have the right team to get the job done right!

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