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Azimuth Builders is a customer-oriented, forward thinking construction company, and we are dedicated to providing the best results to our customers. We have a team of excellent and experienced trades, and designers that are familiar with the latest technology and trends.

Azimuth Builders is in the process of attaining our SECOR safety certification and follow proper safety protocols and guidelines. We are proud to provide ongoing training in safety, construction management, design, and building techniques to our staff, and be an accident free company that provides a superior product for our customers and a safe, positive work environment for our employees. This commitment to quality, innovation, and safety has earned us a reputation as a top company to work with amongst both out clients and employees that offers strong solutions to all of your building needs.

What Azimuth Builders can do for you?

We have handled a wide variety of projects in the past and have ample experience in both commercial and industrial construction and are familiar with different types of project delivery methods. Here’s a brief introduction to what we can do for you

  • Green construction – Azimuth builders has been involved in different types of ecology (green) oriented means of construction, from LEED certified buildings, Passive-house and Net Zero construction. We can make sure your building has an eco-friendly design and structure and are aware of the latest developments in green technology and know exactly how to incorporate them into construction.

  • Modern building designs – We’ll make sure your building has modern and interesting building designs so it doesn’t look dated or dull.

  • Cost effective designs – Commercial construction in Calgary can be quite expensive. We offer cost-effective solutions so you can get the design and building you need without going over your budget.

We also have excellent customer service in place so you can call us or contact us whenever you have a question about our services.

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