Top 10 Uses Of Drones In The Construction Industry

August 10, 2017 | Written by: Gary Bizek

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Drones are the latest technology to hit the construction industry and are making its presence and utility felt in a number of ways. With skyscrapers dotting the landscape and construction companies hard-pressed to build skyscraperswhich are taller than the tallest, human safety has become a cause of great concern. Drones help to increase the safety of a construction work site and also provide accurate results for calculation based designing.
Ten ways in which the construction industry is benefitting from the use of drones are:

  • Building surveys: For any maintenance or repair job which needs to be carried out on a building, it needs to be thoroughly surveyed. This can be done with the help of drones thereby saving money and time in the process.
  • Inspection of construction worksite: Carrying out a full-scale inspection of the construction worksite can be quite time-consuming, tiring and a risky process. But using drones makes it much easier and also provides for better coverage of the whole area in a much lesser time.
  • Safety and health: There are many jobs undertaken at the construction worksite which can be quite dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. While not all of these can be done by drones, some aspects which involve taking data and photographs of tall skyscrapers or some other equally high constructions can be done with the help of these drones.
  • Maintenance inspections: These inspections can become quite risky when carried out on bridges and towering buildings but with the help of the drones; it is now possible to get accurate results safely.
  • Reporting project progress: Every construction project needs to stick to a time frame and thus needs to prepare progress reports periodically. These reports also include real-time photos and updates which can be provided by the drones by offering better coverage of the whole worksite.
  • Promotional photography: Promoting business, especially on the social media, requires photographs of the worksite which are impressive enough to influence customers. Drones with their ability to capture 4K HD photos and videos especially from unique and otherwise hard to reach angles, provide a beautiful insight to the buildings being constructed.
  • Live feed: It is now possible to get a live-feed on the progress of work at the worksite while sitting in the office. This technology known as the First Person View or FPV is used to stream HD footage which can also be viewed with virtual reality glasses for an enhanced experience.
  • Site logistics Getting real time updates from every corner of the construction worksite has become easier by using drones.
  • Laser scanning: Engineers have been using this technique to scan the higher parts of the building, its surrounding topography, cityscape etc., to incorporate into models giving building information. But this technology would most often than not return blank spots which has been rectified with the use of drones.
  • Thermal imaging: This procedure is generally used to take aerial recordings in the form of thermal images by drones. These images are used to check for potential hot and cold spots in a building, identify the defects and rectify them.

Drones have changed the whole concept of the construction industry. It has become an important device, one which is fast becoming irreplaceable.