How To Keep Commercial Construction Costs Under Control?

November 30, 2017 | Written by: Gary Bizek


When it comes to keeping commercial construction costs low, it is important to choose the right general contractor. Proper planning is another important factor that affects your project’s costs.

The way you manage each detail of the construction project is going to affect the overall cost.

The following tips will help you address the cost of your project.

Look for a Reputed & Experienced Contractor
When creating the team for your commercial construction project, it is important to choose an experienced and reputable contractor. Maintaining an excellent reputation over the long term means that the builder has worked successfully on one after another project.

You don’t want to hire the services of a builder who hasn’t proven themselves in the market. In choosing experienced and reputed builders you are able to avoid poor project management and control policies and practices.

Some of the benefits offered by a reputable builder are as following:

  • They get involved in the planning and designing phase, providing accurate estimates and making cost-saving suggestions.
  • They have experienced estimators who work with reputed trade contractors to provide accurate estimates.
  • Pre-bid meetings are arranged on site to help eliminate all concerns and ensure that the bids are accurate and clear.
  • The schedule is properly maintained to minimize downtime. The schedule is updated on a periodic basis and shared with all the stakeholders.

Recycle & Reuse
When remodeling or reconstructing your building, you should consider which materials can be reused and which ones can be saved. When you reuse materials, it helps in increasing your savings. Steel is a reusable and recyclable building material. The right builder can use recycled steel or reuse existing steel frames for your project.

If it is a renovation or remodeling project, you may consider reusing air conditioning and heating systems and ductwork. The current infrastructure including plumbing and electrical panels can also be reused.

Using Local Knowledge
Using local knowledge can help you save big on your project. For example, if a structure’s foundation was located in an area with expansive clays, it will be better use concrete caissons socketed into rocks as foundations.

It is recommended to follow local common practices to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Such cost-saving tips based on local knowledge can play a big role in helping reduce costs on your projects.

Smart Building Principles
One of the most important ways to keep costs in control is to ensure proper planning and avoid rushing with the completion. Completing a project too fast can result in more errors, which can increase the project costs.

So you should look for an experienced contractor who understands what you need from your project. They should build for what you value and not for what they value. There should be clear and open communication so that everyone fully understands what the project is about and its use. They should partner with you, the designers, architects, and subcontractors to bring together all the knowledge required to deliver the best possible results.